Property Taxes

The Town of Leola treasurer facilitates the mailing of original tax bills in December and collects payments for those taxes at the designated collection sites thru January 31.

The Adams County Treasurer’s office is responsible for the collection of second installment and delinquent real estate tax payments. Payment due dates are noted on the face of the tax bill. Delinquency repercussions and other important information is printed on the back side of the tax bill. Failure to receive a tax bill does not affect the validity of the taxes or negate any delinquency charges. Please remember to also notify the Town Clerk and County Treasurer whenever you change your address.

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Information on your property taxes and property assessments in the Adams County Treasurer’s Office and real estate documents in the Adams County Register of Deeds Office may be found on the Adams County Land Records web site.

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Adams County Treasurer

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Phone: (608) 339-4202
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