Forms & Permits

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of Town forms and applications. Official information is available from the Town Clerk.

Administrative permit to do work described and located as indicated on this application. All work must be done in accordance with the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code and all applicable Zoning, Sanitary, Electrical, and/or Land Division Ordinances and codes. UDC building inspections will be performed by Adams County Planning and Zoning, and the applicant is responsible for all fees pertinent to those inspections. There may be other regulations, covenants or deed restrictions that apply to your project. For your protection, determine if your project is subject to any regulations other than those of the Town of Leola, Adams County, and the UDC.

Application for the required permit to install a Residential driveway to a town road.

Application for the required permit to install a Field Access driveway to a town road.